my Lolita

She is 81, she shines, she lives, she breathes, she teaches, she is Lolita San Miguel.

I’ve had teachers and I’ve had really good teachers, I’ve even had excellent teachers in my life. Learning music and dance brought personalities to my road. Fitness times were more framed with certain kind of people. Pilates brought back creativity and deeper understanding of life. Interesting people have encircled me all the time. But I have been lacking a mentor for years. While young we take life as it is. The more years we have lived the more selective we become. Some time ago I felt I was ready to meet my mentor. Opening ones senses to possibilities gives the courage to see and receive what is given. That in mind I opened myself to get someone into my life for to go on.

Some wise man said that things you deny most you need most. I’m a living proof of it.
I entered Lolita’s Pilates Master Mentor Program with not too high expectations. I do things when I feel ready for and that was another step for me to take cause I was ready. At least that is what I thought. During first session with her I showed the best of me as it could be seen from outside. I got really good marks for the exam. I was kinda happy. Second session I cried a lot, I was sad and mad, I cursed myself of getting back to my long gone dance years. Why should I let someone raise her voice at me and tell me what and how to do?! Why! Are we all stupid?! What to expect from 3rd and 4th session then? How my Final essay would be criticised? I worked hard for 7 month and was back to her to study more.

Lolita’s Pilates Master Mentor Program finished in June 19th 2016 in Palm Beach Gardens for me and 6 others in the group. We were tired, happy, celebrating our success after hard work and a lot of emotional breakdowns. We had spent 160 hours of mentoring with our teacher. But I still denied Lolita is my true mentor. We talked with others that Lolita is giving us much more than Pilates, but it might take some time to understand what it actually is. A day off after PMMP and another set with Lolita was to be taken – 3 days of Lolita’s Legacy Educator intensive studies. For me these 3 days did the work. 5 students taking the Lolita’s Legacy educator’s course this time kept developing their minds, bodies and personalities. What an experience. I understand now. It takes one on one relationship to get close to someone. I even got to teach Lolita twice during Legacy intensive as our group had uneven number of students. I got closer to this great lady and saw her being great teacher up close and personal. She is sweet person who got under my skin. Finally. Thank god I understand it now.

I must admit I’m still confused, but I see why. Lolita mentored us to become better persons. Pilates is just a tool. Being a good teacher and a great person takes courage and I’m not sure if I am ready to take that responsibility. Although I’ve taught people for years, I’ve even trained teachers, I should take that step now to believe in myself. I mean really believe and be supportive for others. Yes, that’s the issue here. Writing this text reflects me my own thoughts and I feel getting ready. That is great feeling. Future seems bright, motivation rushes into me. And it all happens because Lolita told us: “If you don’t think of yourself as highly qualified professional, you can never be one. You’re a role model to others!” As she is to me.

That all in mind I sit in a train on my way to Miami Airport to go back home after all these hours with my mentor, a wonderful person and a great lady Lolita San Miguel, who told me I’m beautiful mover, talented person and a good teacher. Thank you so much for being my true mentor!



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