defining yourself

I’ve had great conversations lately with very smart and interesting people (yes, we all are smart and interesting!). Those conversations have awakened some thoughts about mind-body connection. Teaching peoples’ bodies and minds for years have given me great moments for discoveries, adding on every day. So I wanna share my latest.

We define ourselves through different qualities and behaviour. We seek for compassion and love on different ways. The patterns life has created in us reflects in our movement. Habits are slowly built in, to change them takes time and patience. But the big rough partition of two types of movement behaviour as I see it is:

1 Defining yourself through happiness, movement, love and development: every new movement is greatly expected, developing experiences are welcome, making noise during exercise is totally ok, the less explanation and more movement the better, breathing is a normal thing, nothing stops you to move, you are not afraid of little pain added to movement nor little injury as it heals afterwards. Are your hugs warm, long and firm?

2 Defining yourself through pain, sorrow, sadness and disappointment: you are more likely afraid to move, you prefer to complain with hope of sympathy while moving, you rather do moves you know than look forward to try new ones, it’s hard for you to breath loud and free, you prefer a lot of explanation and time before doing a new move, to go for a workout needs a lot of planning and preparation, you’re afraid of injuries as to heal them takes time and arrangements. Are your hugs light, distanced and short?

Both of the types are roughly put together. Same as body types these two are never absolute truth to look for. None of them is wrong or right, good or bad, just different. Once you understand your mind and body better you can reach towards ease, beauty and strength in your own movement, letting go restrictions. Allowing your body move and having mastered control over movement creates future for happy, injury free, painless life.

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